Few dishes and recipes from last week

Few dishes and recipes from last week 1 can of Tuna in brinenatural yogurt2 tablespoons of cottage cheeseteaspoon of mustarddried or fresh chili (optional) Great ti eat with a salad, oat bran bread, galletes or as it is. Enjoy Dukan bread 8 table spoons of Oat bran 2 tablespoons of fromage frais ore natural yogurtContinue reading “Few dishes and recipes from last week”


Dukan diet cruise phase day 6

Weight: 183.2lbs Breakfast: Two eggs and two chicken sausagesLunch: eggs beef sausages, oatbran pancakeDinner: Oatbran porridge , tuna and cottage cheese mixSnack: Total 0% greek yogurt I made lovey tuna mix and ate it with my oatbran savory pancake This can be eaten on its own or with Dukan bread, pancakes or salad. Recipe Tin tunacottage cheesespring onionnatural fat free greekContinue reading “Dukan diet cruise phase day 6”

Today p&p breakfast (cruise phase day 5)

This morning I just had to share my breakfast from my iphone….Good start today galette pancakes with a twist. 1 and a half Table spoon of non fat fromage frais. 1 and a half spoonfuls of oat bran.1 egg 1 tablespoon of low fat cheddarPinch of herbsPinch of salt and black pepperMix fry on eachContinue reading “Today p&p breakfast (cruise phase day 5)”

Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)

Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase) Stats: Weight 184lbs/83.4 P+P days and  P+V (protein days and protein and veg days) Hi all, So yes I reached cruz phase but as I entered this stage I realized that I had hit a brick wall. As the diet and book would suggest the 1st week of cruz phase can lead to noContinue reading “Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)”