Day 1 of my Dukan diet (Attack Phase)

(Attack Phase)

Recommend attack phase duration of 6 days which would be until Thursday the 19th.

Day 1

Today is day one of my Dukan diet I am so excited I started stocking up yesterday on Meat fish and oat bran, and today I bought eggs, water and gum.

Weight today 188.2 13/01/12, I will update as often as I can this week.

Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs a little frying salmon
Lunch one LARGE steak with 5 spice.
Dinner 2 pieces of skinless jerk chicken
Snack 2 pieces of chicken

Workout: Weights cardio on trampoline, sit ups and interval training 45 mins

I made my 1st Dukan Vlog which can be found on my blog check it out!! ;0)

For information on the Dukan diet and what it is all about please click on the site links located on my Blog page

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