Protein protein protein…

Protein protein protein…

Today I am very bored of just eating eggs and chicken (not too keen on red meat) so much I have decided to think in advance about my Dukan dishes and get more creative with my (Attack Phase) ingredients.

Because there is not much variety at this stage you can get bogged down with cooking large batches of the same type of dish then eating and becoming bored.

I have planned today to make mince meatballs baked in the oven with a low fat yogurt and mint dip for lunch and for dinner I am going to cook chicken tikka with my low fat yogurt and spices and more of the mint dip on the side.
I will also grab some more fish this week.

I will post the pictures later today and update the recipe section later this week also please keep an eye out for my updated vlog on yuoutube this week..


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