Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)

Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)


Weight 184lbs/83.4

P+P days and  P+V
(protein days and protein and veg days)

Hi all,

So yes I reached cruz phase but as I entered this stage I realized that I had hit a brick wall.

As the diet and book would suggest the 1st week of cruz phase can lead to no weight shift or a slight weight gain.

Well I did not gain but I have not lost anything in 4 days and I am real ticked off about it ;0(

Well patience I guess hang in there but as we took the children out shopping we ended up grabbing a take away due to time..
I was being so good until I smelled the chips with vinegar I thought one will not hurt.
OK one more oh dear I ate a saucer full and felt so guilty.

I woke and weighed phew I was at my same weight did not lose but did not gain.

I have now decided rather than doing p+p and p+v days 1 on 1 as I had started doing.

I will do the 5 days P+P days and  P+V 5 days this should get me better results and I prefer it as I start that today and in away it is like a attack week now which should clear off my naughty eating of the week. I will finish the next few days as a p&v day as I bought a few veggies then from Tuesday p&p starts for 5 days..

Also how will I avoided naughty eating when out and hungry this is so hard before I carried fruit but now??
I may have no choice but to buy some protein bars.

Oh I also bought a Lateral thigh trainer for those moments in front of the TV much better than my stepper was love it.


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