11 Months natural almost a year (my thoughts0

 I have been natural for almost a year and it was not easy.

Support from friends and family was not so great at first but now it has grown so much and so healthy I have a positive reaction.

I have had many along the way tell me oh just relax your hair already. I think some fail to realize that what I choose to put on my head is my own business I suffered with sensitive scalp and I tell you now my head is feeling 100x better.
My hair is thicker and healthier.

Those that say natural hair does not look good or is to hard to maintain have no clue and I tell youtube and the internet is what helped me.
Gone are the days of dry combing, Afro picking, hot iron and greasing up yr scalp. Once people inform their mind they would be so surprised.
I feel it is not for natural, relaxed or weaved individuals to judge but to embrace yourself and follow what makes you happy for me nothing makes me happier than seeing the hair that I was given and I have found if people chooses to not accept my hair they have no place around me period!

I am not a judgmental natural and I feel this is the way we all should be.

May I also add I have found wearing your hair natural has had different men interested in me through the fascination of seeing a girl who carries herself different from the flock.

I love my hair and I am a lover of healthier hair and lifestyle.


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