I want to be an Entrepreneur

My mind is constantly thinking of a way to work hard and be happy.

I often stay up late and go to bed late with ideas running through my head and wake thinking of how to get that thought into something that works.

I have always been creative, hands on and I have always known that I want to work for myself and work and be happy.

I still keep on going ticking ideas and goals off my list and I will not stop until I make it all come together.

Anyone who decided to leave the regular 9-5 playing field in order to make their own dreams and aspirations work often are frowned upon.

If you step outside of that box many will talk or tell you that you are crazy.

Many will not say a thing but watch wishing that you fall, belive me there are people like that out there.

I made it my business after my youngest was born that now was the time to dig deep on my own business goals and directions because with him not being in school and time on my hands it was now or never.

Sometimes things will not work but I guess the reason for this blog right here is simply to say chase your dreams and follow your heart because when you have passion for something you will create the best work you ever could. When you lack passion you lack drive you lack determination to do your best.

Nothing is wrong with working the 9-5 rather than working for yourself but if you do work for something that inspires you that keeps you ticking skipping and happy.

Too many wait in a job just for that pension Why? would you not rather your last working days to make you look back and smile.

Think about it and have a wonderful day


Blessings xx


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