Inspiration for your natural hair journey

I wanted to share some images of hair inspiration which has kept me on the straight and narrow in my journey to grow my hair natural and free from chemical treatments.
At times embracing my new hair has been a learning kerb and hard but building my YouTube channel and trying new things and learning and sharing has helped me so much.
I am in love with my hair and I feel it has changed me so much, but a change that was welcomed.
I have now been Natural 14 Months since my last relaxer and 12 plus  months since my big chop.
I transitioned (had part relaxed and natural roots) for 2 months before cutting off the remaining relaxer.
For those of you embarking on this exciting new you, exciting new journey always remember the reason why you wanted to go natural and hang in there.
Most of all remember we all have different hair types so hair envy should be just that envy but love what is on your head and do styles that suites your texture and style.
I have hair envy for big big long hair but right now I have neck length hair and I am happy with my hair.
Good luck to all just starting and here is to healthy chemical free hair to all my Naturals out there


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