The upcoming Miss African Spirit beauty pageant

I was recently told about an exciting pageant competition for Miss African Spirit.

This competition sounds so interesting I just had to share.

“The goal of the Miss African Spirit Pageant is to instill a sense of pride and confidence in young women of African heritage by promoting the culture and identity within the wider community and providing a positive image with which to identify”

I think this Pageant sounds like a great event and beaming with culture, I was told by the event organizer that there is no swimwear section to this event and with this in mind I am sure that it is a tasteful pageant promoting awareness as well as raising money for charity.

Miss African spirit is taking entrants of African heritage or birth.
The pageant is not your typical pageant as it focuses on empowering woman hopping to promote future leaders of tomorrow.
Miss African spirit is an event beaming with pride and culture.
Looking at Miss African Spirit Pageant’s pictures from last years event the event was full of beautiful woman, African dress, fabrics, style and colour.
I love the concept of this pageant and I look forward to seeing each section of the event and I will be updating you all on the winner of the pageant after the event, with some pictures of the day.
If you are interested in entering the Pageant or if you would like tickets for the event please click on the link below.
I have also uploaded a new YouTube video about this event which can be found in the post above this blog entry.

Please click here for Miss African Spirit’s website



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