Dukan friendly food ideas from this year part 1

Few dishes and recipes I use


1 can of Tuna in brine

natural yogurt

2 tablespoons of cottage cheese

teaspoon of mustard

dried or fresh chili (optional)


Great ti eat with a salad, oat bran bread, galletes or as it is.





Dukan bread

8 table spoons of Oat bran

2 tablespoons of fromage frais ore natural yogurt low fat

Optional 1 tablespoon of low fat cream cheese

2 eggs whites made into peaks

Pinch salt


2 table spoons of splender or sugar substitute

mix all ingredients together then fold in the whites and bake for 15 mins or until done




Oat bran flour chop in a hand blender or with a liquidizer attachment





Dukan friendly fish cake (healthy lifestyle ideas)

White fish

1 Chili

Oat bran or oat bran flour (check my channel for oat bran flour)

1 egg

thai seasoning

1 taespoon of curry powder

pinch of herbs, pepper and salt.

Food process or use a liquidizer attachment

Form into small patti cakes /burgers

coat in the oat bran

back for 10-15 mins until one on gas mark 5 





Lemon diet/dukan friendly cheesecake recipe

2 eggs separated whisk whites

8 heaped tablespoons cottage cheese

2 tablespoons of low at natural yogurt

4 tablespoons of sweeter

pinch salt

1/2 small lemon and zest

4 tablespoons of custard

1 tablespoon cornflour


Blend everything with a hand blend apart from egg whites


Ad whites to the mix

Bake for 10-15 mins take out when set do not let it get too brown.


Chill for 4 hours




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