Happy New Year (reflection)

New year is fast approaching I hope that you all have a lovely night and an even better new year ahead.
No new year resolutions for me because it’s a pile of tosh, each day I work towards my goals and I will not use the new year to set up resolutions I can’t keep too.
Everyday we should be bettering ourselves every year we should be remembering loved ones not just at Christmas and new year! I am still on my pursuit to happiness and the road is long with many detours.
My wish for the new year is that people start to open their eyes to the many things that go on in the world the things the media fails to show you.
Educate your mind and always remember there are people out in this world worse off than you!
Be thankful for all that you have embrace people who show you love and do not waste time on those who don’t but feel sorry for them.
Reflect on the money making season that just past and think did you give thanks to the most high for waking up to see it or did you just fill your belly and focus on gifts? Feeling in that kind of mood today have fun be safe and remember we all could do better in the new year. Happy New Year XxX


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