Cyber Monday Up to 85% OFF at Printer Pix

Printer Pix has another promotion on today Cyber Monday today only and they are offering Up to 85% OFF! Christmas is 4 weeks away so I thought I would share as you can save so much on picture items. Great gift ideas click the link below! Have a fab week!

Printer Pix Black Friday Up to 75% OFF

Today I will be taking advantage of Printerpix’s Black Friday offers and getting some Xmas gifts together! Keep an y out for my Printer Pix shopping Haul video in the next few weeks. They are offering up to 75% off items you know I love pictures so I can not wait to give some pictureContinue reading “Printer Pix Black Friday Up to 75% OFF”

My fitness journey begins this week! (Again!)

I decided not to put this as part of my 90 day challenge because my healthy lifestyle is a way of life and this should be the same for my fitness health and weightless. I want to kick off the week documenting my workouts, weightless and measurements. I have been so pre occupied and unableContinue reading “My fitness journey begins this week! (Again!)”

Week 2 of my 90 days success challange

19/11/16 Okay let me be honest! I have not been doing as well as I would have liked this week I have been a little under the weather and had a private personal matter to attend to all week. But this is what challenges are all about life has a way of throwing curve ballsContinue reading “Week 2 of my 90 days success challange”

Pineapple Leather Is Here! Leather made from pineapples? You better believe it!

Look what I stumbled upon last week! Pineapple Leather. No seriously “innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile” derived from pineapple leaves. Set to be a game changer!! Company is called Pinatex. This I had to share with you and I will continue to share these ethical game changers. I think it is absolutely amazing. PleaseContinue reading “Pineapple Leather Is Here! Leather made from pineapples? You better believe it!”