The working mum’s perspective 

As a working mum I loved reading the article below and had to share! I have been both a stay at home mum and working mum and find that still people judge. There are opinions thrown around on the regular! Either you are ridiculed for going back to work too early or treated as a lazy mum for staying home to raise your child! I’ve always felt as though I had to explain or justify my reasons for returning. Being a mum is a full time job in itself and whether a mum returns to work or stays home to look after her children each decision is never taken lightly. Each choice is difficult and as mentioned in this article there are sacrifices made when choosing to do either.

Both choices are made with the family/children’s best interests at heart !

Everyone has a reason for their choice and us as women must lift each other up instead of judging and putting mummy’s down!
As mentioned in this article …

I think this was put so nicely! 

“It’s been my experience that, whatever we do after we have children, it’s always accompanied by an element of regret and guilt. Those of us who stay home feel guilty for letting our careers stall, our educations go to “waste,” our skills get rusty. Those who return to work feel torn.
Judgment has no place here.”

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Have a read of the article by Charherine Dietrich here

Huffington Post


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