It has been a while since I got on here and did some blogging and I have decided to blog more and get back into writing on here.

I have shared many videos but sometimes it is nice to write or even read blogs rather than solely watch videos on YouTube.

I wanted to share with you today a product in a little more in depth that I shared on my recent Superdrug shopping haul the Body Fantasies range of body mists by Superdrg.

These are truly amazing an intense fragrance mist but not over powering. They remind me of the Victorias Secret body mist but these last much longer and the scent is a little stronger. More value for your money, I love these they are around £3.99 but they are on offer right now for £1.98 so a bargain.

So I wanted to share that with you, have a look and also let me know if you already use these.

My favourite is Twilight Mist, check out Superdrug for this months offers.



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