No Bad Vibes!! My anthem of the day

I love this tune by the Lotto Boyzz

The vibe the message that this song has is amazing! It has me dancing around the house with a smile on my face. Walking down the street skipping, skanking, I don’t want fuss I don’t want drama! Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine! Good vibes only in this household, around me, around my boys!

Good vibes only around me, what you allow into your life can affect you mood , life, thoughts and future. Sounds a bit much but it is true the people that you allow into your circle hold the power to influence your path.

Move with positive people and positivity will follow you. It really is that simple, in life I have had to cut off negative people they can infect you and suck away your life like a disease. Live the life you want create your own destiny keep your circle small.

Hang out with positive people and try to limit those negative life suckers. Although the song does not speak about what I have mentioned that is what the song makes me think about and smile about! What do you think about this song click image to hear on Spotify.

Look out for tomorrow’s anthem of the day!


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