My album of the week

Now this album right here has been blasting up my speakers for the past few days . Not jumping on the hype this is a fact that this album was needed out here! Be careful, best life and money 💰 👌🏾 Are my favourites for real!

I have watched this chick from Love & Hip Hop play out and turn her dreams into a reality. This is what a real boss chick is! Never let anyone deter you or tell you that you can not do what you want in this world. Whatever it may be you are all queens 👸🏾 you are all able to realise your potential and build and live out your dreams. The only thing ever holding you back in life is “you!” Hustle hard, dig deep and work your way to the top and go earn yourself a place or like Cardi would say “get your shmoney!!”


Published by NLUK

Family, writing, beauty, hair, YouTube, Photography = Life!!

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