Intermittent Fasting

I am on day 3 of my intermittent fasting journey and this is sure not easy but getting easier. It is mostly mind over matter or in my case mind over belly ha ha!

Well I was never a breakfast person but I made up for it on the way with a nibble on cake, fruit smoothies or something naughty once the hunger crept up by 10 at work. I know the exact time believe me. But my problem is I don’t really eat after 6 any way but I pick up cake fruity deserts crisps, cereal now this has all stopped.

This is definitely a lifestyle change I want to keep because it is teaching me discipline and to care more about what goes into my body.

I do mainly eat clean but could be cleaner, leaner !

I have not had carbs in three days but I think I may have to today as I am not sure restricting carbs is helping much apart from me not feeling fuelled enough once I have worked out.

I walk around with my Brita water bottle so much so I lived in the toilet yesterday which is very annoying but I know I am cleansing and detoxing.

Working out 5 days a week and walking as much as possible which is a change from driving so much and the weather is not too bad which makes it easier.

I will be uploading at the end of the week about how I am getting on but most of my updates will be on my blog with me directing views here because my filming schedule is high and I want to get into writing more.

Wish me luck today


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