“You give a little love..”

“You give a little love..” https://shazkira.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/you-give-a-little-love/ — Read on shazkira.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/you-give-a-little-love/ I absolutely love this blog post! My friend has shared this today and I feel the need to share her story! Also be sure to follow her. We need to all take notes on the kindness that was flowing! This is the kind of worldContinue reading ““You give a little love..””

You don’t have to understand me

Do you ever wake up in a reflexive mood? This morning I’m awake and I am lying in bed just thinking! I am desperate to make things happen with various projects after years of procrastinating and boy it is not easy. The older you get the more responsibility you have the more difficult the newContinue reading “You don’t have to understand me”

Sunday morning music and cooking kind of vibe

I am in the kitchen I have been since the early hours. My house smells of love and the aromas are taking over the neighbor hood I can smell my sweet cooking each time I take a break in my garden. Now my cooking vibes are taken up a notch when I play the bigContinue reading “Sunday morning music and cooking kind of vibe”