Sunday morning music and cooking kind of vibe

I am in the kitchen I have been since the early hours. My house smells of love and the aromas are taking over the neighbor hood I can smell my sweet cooking each time I take a break in my garden.

Now my cooking vibes are taken up a notch when I play the big tunes!

The inspiration flows my creativity in the kitchen and things I need to do out of the kitchen flows. House work becomes effortless.

Playlists start being formed as the reminiscing begins the classics the current hits damn I start thinking I am a top chef!

But anyway Sunday’s are made for this mummy has her groove on and my princes shall dine like royalty.

I remember my mum cooking the biggest Sunday dinners while listening to “DJ Keithly in the morning ” on Station FM.

Memories and traditions that pass down each generation to feed the nation.

How do you spend you Sunday’s?

Here is this Sunday’s playlist

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