ASOS uses real women

I am totally overcome with joy and happiness when looking at the recent ASOS collection. The thing that has me totally gassed is not the hot new summer looks but the gorgeous women totally owning their stripes, standing proudly in their outfits baring all for the world to see.

Why is this making the news? Why are we shocked happy or even interested?

Why is it that we today look at women on clothing websites, catalogues, images and magazines and we do not see “real women!” As opposed to photoshopped air brushed women?

I think that ASOS needs credit where credit is due! Good on you this type of imagery could help not just sell clothing but it could help with body image issues, depression, illnesses. Do you think I am a little over the top? Listen we live in a world today where airbrushing & photoshop is standard practice but how is this real life.

I am a mum of three and believe me I am donning some serious tiger stripes and constantly trying to get my muffin top under control!

So why am I made to feel alone, embarrassed or that clothing will not look right or is not made for me? I am a “real women” After all! Right?

Children, young adults need to see that this is real life! Real people and the more I see women and people of different sizes, colour and body types! The more I see “real women” is the more I can believe we are getting somewhere in this world!

ASOS always use women that represents the variety of women in our world and I commend them for that.

Well done ASOS


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