Iceland’s banned advert! The truth about the impact of deforestation!

Image Credit: Iceland It’s that time of year again when we all get excited for the Christmas Adverts. We even decide which one we think was the best! Which one created the best nostalgia. Well one Christmas advert did not make the cut this year but for all the wrong reasons. Why was Iceland’s advertContinue reading “Iceland’s banned advert! The truth about the impact of deforestation!”

African Pride Natural Miracle Review

So I tried this texture management system. Which is chemical free to help flat iron my hair. Here are my honest thoughts on this product! African Pride Natural Miracle Review

There is nothing worse than a liar!

Liars are the worst! Can’t be trusted! They are selfish, low life individuals! That cause hurt pain, they spoil the dynamics of the world! Promises the earth knowing they have no intentions or ability of delivering! Many are thieves out for what they can get and take! Un trustworthy and should be avoided at allContinue reading “There is nothing worse than a liar!”

What is motherhood?

How lovely and how true! Children remember the time and the adventures spent together. Okay I can admit what child does not appreciate the material gestures. What child does not enjoy a few healthy meals here and there or would not live a new car! A clean home? well some children appreciate while others, wellContinue reading “What is motherhood?”

Fake Friends are not welcome here!

This🙌🏾👌🏾 Perfectly put! It takes time and growth, life changes, experiences and challenges in life, to realise what friends are real and which are fake! Who are quite during the storms, who are only interested in the gossip? Who are only your friends when they want something or need you? Who would ride or dieContinue reading “Fake Friends are not welcome here!”

Pure Active Intensive Anti-Blackhead Charcoal Gel Wash Review

Pure Active Intensive Anti-Blackhead Charcoal Gel Wash Review Is this cleansing gel right for me? Yes, if you have oily skin, prone to blackheads and spots and you are looking for a daily cleanser to visibly reduce them and help protect against their reappearance*. To check out the gel use my link: Superdrug