Fake Friends are not welcome here!

This🙌🏾👌🏾 Perfectly put!

It takes time and growth, life changes, experiences and challenges in life, to realise what friends are real and which are fake! Who are quite during the storms, who are only interested in the gossip? Who are only your friends when they want something or need you? Who would ride or die for you? I have always separated my “peoples” into real friends! Acquaintances! Colleagues! Fake friends! “Frienermies!”

I learnt a long time ago that life is tuff and keeping your circle small is the best thing a person could do. I do know a lot of people and I get on very well with others but don’t get it twisted I know better then to put my trust in just anybody! Be mindful of who you share your deepest secrets with! Know this ….if I share mine with you, you my friend are what I class as my real, true gem of a friend. Real friends are hard and rare to find. Some real friends you may not talk to daily hell you might not even talk to them weekly, monthly but they are there for you and you for them. you are on each other’s minds and you can pick up where you left off effortlessly.

Being with real friends should not give you anxiety, worry, stress. The link up should not overwhelm the soul, be boring or just difficult. The link up or catch up or seeing a real friend should be like therapy! Real friends will not chat you behind you back negatively! They help lift you up, they will tell you when your wrong and will want to set straight anyone that does you wrong! In a day where modern communication is online, social media, watsapp and text we are losing the art of real communication too, so try to pick up the phone to these beauties more often.

They are precious gems take care of them keep them close. Real friends are few and far between show them some love today x

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