Love and respect

When you do not respect yourself you allow others to disrespect you!

Respect is something that you have to earn, it is something that you gain through your choices and through your actions!

The saying “I demand respect!” Is just ridiculous because in order to have respect you need to show people why you deserve it! Start by loving and respecting yourself!

Now the same thing needs to be applied to love. How can you expect anyone to love you or show you the love that you deserve and need if you are not able to love yourself unconditionally?

The thing is we want love and respect but many fail to understand that these things start from within.

We receive the vibrations that we put into this world. So start the process of self love, self respect.

Stop looking to others to give you things that you are not willing to give yourself.

Love and respect yourself! Love and respect others and the rest will follow xxx



Published by NLUK

Family, writing, beauty, hair, YouTube, Photography = Life!!

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