Shout out to my strong women out there

Can we take a moment to recognise and uplift strong women out there! The woman that fought or that are fighting to get where they want to be in life. For the women that wears battle scars! For the women that dons tiger stripes! The women with stories to tell or stories they would rather not! Women that hold the highest knowledge and the women that may feel as though they have failed in life! For the women that have lost loved ones! Mummies that did not get to see their babies grow! Women that are not happy with their selves, not happy with their reflection. Listen I could go on ! Can we just take a day out of our lives to give someone a compliment, to tell or show someone how much they are loved! Can we take a moment to appreciate women and the struggles and the power that we posses! Sometimes we do not realise how special we are, how strong and how beautiful we are! You are the world you are the future! To all you beautiful women out there! Share this or tag someone, Someone needs to hear and know this XxX


Published by NLUK

Family, writing, beauty, hair, YouTube, Photography = Life!!

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