Organic Mind Sessions ~ Trying to live a more positive life! Motivation & Inspiration!

Organic Mind Sessions are back! Doing what I love to do motivate, inspire and try to uplift! Someone out there needs to here this!

YouTube neglect Small YouTubers! I said what I said!

What are your thoughts on how YouTube treats smaller YouTubers? Drop comments below or on my full video on YouTube link on my YouTube tab or video posted before this one. Dm me or drop your links below to support each other

Asmr Challenge Gone Wrong ~ Get Ready With Me (GRWM)

So the boys challenged me to do my makeup ASMR style! We had so much fun shooting this video! Please check it out and give us a thumbs up if you liked the video. What other challenges could we do? Drop a comment below or in the video please and we will shout you outContinue reading “Asmr Challenge Gone Wrong ~ Get Ready With Me (GRWM)”


Fridge for your skin care! Say what??

Well this is so new to me! I checked my Twitter today and this is what is trending today! People are using mini fridges to store their skin care! At first I thought why? Just why? Then I felt mind blown 🤯 I can almost feel my cold refreshing hydrating skin care products on myContinue reading “Fridge for your skin care! Say what??”

Clear the clutter in your life

I constantly have things that needs doing at home. Laundry is constant headache with four children if I am not doing that I am cooking and cleaning. Errands to run take boys to school, shopping etc. I spend time with the boys tend to their needs. Now what I find is when the housework isContinue reading “Clear the clutter in your life”