Asmr Challenge Gone Wrong ~ Get Ready With Me (GRWM)

So the boys challenged me to do my makeup ASMR style! We had so much fun shooting this video! Please check it out and give us a thumbs up if you liked the video.

What other challenges could we do? Drop a comment below or in the video please and we will shout you out in the video.

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Fridge for your skin care! Say what??

Well this is so new to me! I checked my Twitter today and this is what is trending today! People are using mini fridges to store their skin care! At first I thought why? Just why?

Then I felt mind blown 🀯 I can almost feel my cold refreshing hydrating skin care products on my face already! What a great idea. There are actually skin care fridges on sale too, like fridges just for your skincare products, cute little fridges. I can imagine mine will contain snacks too 🀣…

What do you think? Have you got one? Would you buy one?

Well I have done my research and these things are priced between Β£50 -Β£160 but I found one priced at Β£16 on Amazon use my link to get you one.

Images of skincare fridges above are from twitter accounts:


Shae :

Just adjusting my crown

Sometimes we need to take a moment to remember we are queens πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ we are royal and even when things look bad take the time to refocus and adjust our crowns!

It is just as important to be aware of those that may need a little help and support in their times of needs and we must also lend a hand and help to up lift, empower and adjust others crowns too.

Too many women are in competition with others when really we should be working together, we should be uplifting and supporting each other. We must acknowledge each other’s efforts, achievements, and learn from each other.

Women all over the world the Kingdom needs you!

Clear the clutter in your life

I constantly have things that needs doing at home.

Laundry is constant headache with four children if I am not doing that I am cooking and cleaning.

Errands to run take boys to school, shopping etc. I spend time with the boys tend to their needs.

Now what I find is when the housework is piling up on me or not getting done quickly enough I get frustrated de motivated and just fed up. It affects my mood I feel under pressure to get things done, I won’t lie I have even waved the white flag and given up!

Once I get my housework done, once I run all my errands I start to feel as though I can breath, I start feeling as though I have accomplished something.

I instantly want to sit down with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a nice slice of cake. Or soak on a bath, have a bit of a pamper session.

I then feel as though I can take on the world.

My creative juices start to flow, I often will catch up on a show I like or read, make some calls or reply to that text I got a week ago. I might shoot a video or find some sort of me time.

Now let’s apply this to life and the clutter of emotions, the cluttered soul, the events of our life, negativity, toxic people, toxic things we allow into our minds and into our lives. The toxic foods we consume, the misinformation we read or hear and often share. The things we see or watch which is not feeding our minds, not adding value to our lives.

How can we expect to be productive, how can we expect to grow or evolve positively if we are living a cluttered life. Allowing the clutter of life to burden our minds, our body and our souls?

I am really focused right now on allowing positive energy in and I refuse to allow negative energy in.

I am sorry but there is no place for negativity here.

The same way that we work through our daily routine of keeping house, we must keep house within.

It is important to remember that you are as important as the daily tasks we take the time, pride in to carry out in our busy lives and treat every part of self development as a daily task!

Taking time to de clutter ourselves is important! You are important! Life is too short to forget to take time because time is not going to slow down or stop for us. Time wasted is a waste of life.

Natural Love πŸ’•