Dark & Lovely Hair Dye ~ Did it cover my Grey hairs? ~ Cherish Brazilian Bulk

Lately My grey hairs have multiplied and taken over my head. I feel as though I should charge them rent! How dare they invade my scalp!!!! I know that this is a part of the ageing process but why me !!! Why could they not have skipped this process! Like I don’t have enough to deal with! I am trying to keep my skin supple and soft but now I must find a remedy for my hair! You see I will one day accept my fate, I will one day let nature take its course once the Grey decides to take over a l little more evenly! But right now these are just random, sporadic, chaotic, misplaced strands of grey weak feeble hair!

I have tried so many hair dyes ( I love hair dye and henna) however they fail to cover all of my greys and the greys that they do cover lasts a few days. Then the grey hair springs back out ready for action.

I recently went and looked at various brands that claimed to cover grey hairs however I held little hope.

I have tried dark & Lovely before but could not remember it covering my grey hair.

Well I recently put it in my hair and the results were amazing! I am so impressed and happy with the results it actually covered all my greys and the colour was vibrant and amazing, my hair felt soft and moisturised.

I have uploaded a video where you can see the results.

If you have any tips or products that you use on grey hair please let me know.

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