Class of 2020

If there’s a Year 6, 11 or 13, 2020 leaver in your life, give them a hug. To them, the cancellation of school is not a holiday. It’s wasted time they don’t get to spend with their friends the last few months before they finish school. They’re anxious, realising they may never be able to walk the halls for the last time or attend their prom. They’re sad hearing their prom they’ve been waiting on all year has a chance of being cancelled. The last day of school is now this Friday and many of their friends won’t be in… a day that they have been planning for. They’re sad that the sports seasons, events and concerts that they’ve practiced and prepared for, for so many years, may have come to an end before they’ve had the chance to take the field, court, or stage one last time. They don’t know how or what they will be assessed on as their exams are cancelled – everything they have been working hard on for many years and that they know is important for the next phase of their life. Show them support and love them during these hard times. #classof2020


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