Remove any doubts that you have!

One of my biggest mistakes that I have made and regret is having doubt in myself, my ideas, dreams and plans. For me most of the doubt that I had was as a result of not wanting to fail or the lack of confidence I had for myself or others had in what I wanted to do or steps that I wanted to take to do something.

The doubt that I often faced was not because I did not want to be embarrassed of failing or that I was fearful of pressure. I feel that a lot of my doubt came from responsibilities my children, time, work bills, home and other reasons. But trust me I have taken many risks and come out the other side accomplishing what I set out to do. In fact when I turn off what I call β€œnoise!” Surrounding me I find that I am focused and I deliver.

It is important to push and focus on your goals in silence because this removes opinions, negative thoughts, energies and even the opinions of others. It removes doubts, remain focused, determined, positive and the rest will follow.

I feel as though the new year often helps us to realise what we could do better. It helps us to look back on what we have accomplished and how much more could be ours. This year I am very determined and focused! Covid has really opened my eyes to how important it is to really put all those ideas, goals, plans and dreams into action. Who knows what our future hold but one thing is that we are the driving force behind achieving anything that we want in life.

Remove any doubts that you have! You can do anything!!


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