Focus! Better days are ahead!

So today is the day that my children were meant to return to school but now with this new strain that has apparently hit the UK it is back to home learning. Miss Mummy it is then!

We are in a Tier 4 location in London and now there is talk of a full National Lockdown like the very first lockdown.

This means that we can not do a damn thing! I know that there is so much going on and that people have lost lives and loved ones but this is just so upsetting. I miss my family, I miss traveling around with no worry, I miss so much it is frustrating.

My 4 year old never experienced starting primary school the way that it was meant to be. He has now got to leave his new friends and routine to be at home and I just feel for him.

My 19 month old baby never had a chance to experience a play group or baby group run around the park freely visit a soft play have play dates.

My older boy’s 11 and 14 miss so many things like football club, friends, birthday parties, cinema eating out with no restrictions. Beach holidays and exploring the UK which is something we loved to do. They miss visiting family, parks and adventures.

I will remain focused and positive and we will make the best out of a challenging situation. We are together we have our health and each other. There is comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that so many face the same challenges right now.

I plan on being organised and productive and use this time to focus on them, decorating, manifesting and working the business. I will plan our new adventures and goals.

It is easy to feel down to be missing loved ones and our old lives but we must look at the positives in order to remain on a high vibration.

My aim is to blog everyday too so let’s do it x


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