Club House is a game changer

I finally got onto the Club House app after a long wait! It is so funny I wrote down some manifestation affirmations in my journal the night before. With a clear focus on my business and financial success.

Early in the morning I was accepted onto the app and had no idea that it had so much business help. I found my self tuned in learning from so many successful business owner’s and people looking for advice and guidance. I was in this one group from 10 in the morning right through to 8pm and I learned so much. It literally helped me with all the mental blocks I was facing all the doubts and confusion.

I went to bed knowing exactly what I needed to do and woke up and jumped right on it. I opened my Trello app and started planning, I also wrote down things I needed to and then prioritised. I have been so much more productive today and stopped procrastinating. One thing is my videos will be changing I want to help others spiritually, mentally and share my business knowledge and so much more. I want to continue to gain knowledge and information and experiences.

As for my store I will be re tuning and marketing better.

I am so grateful to this group and all the other groups that I sat in. I will be speaking soon and I may even set up a room as yesterday I wanted to just absorb. I know that the app is in beta mode now and only available to some iPhone users but soon it will be for everyone. When this moment comes definitely jump on . I initially thought it was just a place to talk and meet others but it is everything and there is something for everyone. You can listen or you can share. Business, relationship advice, comedy, networking, crafts, hobbies so much to do and listen to.


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