Holding myself accountable! Tackling this lockdown weight!

So it has been a while, as I have been adjusting to returning to school runs, work navigating through this crazy world etc. also just juggling life in general. I am now back and I have another reason to get on here and write daily because I am on a weight loss journey, a healthy lifestyle and reflection journey. I am so happy and motivated. See the thing is you can not lose weight or really make that change with your lifestyle until you actually want to! Boy am I ready!

For me I gained weight after my last pregnancy and battled with gestational diabetes and as a result I could very easily have diabetes again as I am now high risk.

Then bam Corona – coronavirus – Covid 19 – quarantine – lockdown and the rest is history including my waistline. My health has gone out of the window, I now have back pain and I was feeling so de motivated and low. Well a year on and things are still a joke and in the UK we are in lockdown still. But with schools re opened I decided it was now or never! Eat well, detox, long walks, brisk strolls in the park with my 2 year old baby and pram dancing around my front room as you do! Or is that just me? I am also working out a few times a week.

Water and alcohol was one of my downfalls well mostly because the odd drink whilst stuck indoors with no idea what was going on, at one point feeling like we were all going to die or the world would end. Having no idea when we will live a normal life again if ever paved the way to a tipple here and there nothing major but still empty calories I was not thinking about that at the time! A girl was just trying to survive! Lots of coffees and not much water. So now I have Decided no alcohol for 4 weeks and 1.5 – 2 litres of water πŸ’¦

I just am more focused I bought more veg and fruit in that order because I mostly bought vegetables. Vegan and vegetarian options and I will cut down my meat intake and replace some with fish. More smoothies and juicing which is where my content creation begun and how I plan on finishing and maintaining! I will be making lots of videos and sharing recipes.

I will be sharing my journey on my blog and welcome any comments from anyone else who is on a healthier journey. I can not wait to share my progress and results with you here so please follow and keep an eye out. I have before pictures but I will not show it until the end.

Listen I can embrace who I am and the woman I have become and I am not body shaming anyone. Everyone is different and for me I have gained around 3 stone and I am starting to feel the impact on my health, confidence and mindset. So I am doing this for me.

Here’s to a new year with a new body, positive mindset and new found health and happiness πŸ’•

Watch this space x


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