Amber assists one in connecting with Light beings particularly those who are on Earth or who are to assist us through the coming shift.
It helps us integrate Light energy into the physical body and is an excellent support for energetic healing.
It offers protection through processing less desirable frequencies into cleaner, higher energy.
Amber links us with Solar energy reminding us of the Light and helping us clear resistance to our personal evolution.
Amber can help those with Seasonal Affective Disorder or other depression based on light deprivation.
It can help one find purpose and strength, taking action to evolve one’s reality toward higher consciousness.
It can assist the psychically sensitive by offering a protective Light barrier against negativity until they are able to control their intuitive skills.
I call forth the cleansing and healing of my energy field and I embrace the blessings of physical life.
Source: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
Image: Pinterest

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