Unapologetically Me!

I have been on a long journey of self discovery after years of self destruction!

I have allowed my past and present to affect my future I question myself, my journey and my beliefs.

I spent many years looking and seeking approval, stability, love, compassion, validation, guidance. Understanding and acknowledgement.

I have failed, failed at love, failed at marriage, failed at being understanding, I lack patience at times I lack empathy I often feel little emotion because I feel dead inside. Sometimes I love hard, look for the best in people in a bad situation. I can be very giving, caring and understanding. But do not take my kindness for weakness because once someone slips up with me that is it!

I set target after target goal after goal and even when I hit them I am not satisfied, I have to keep going do better, be better and feel complete.

I have been in toxic relationships, friendships and allowed family, friends situations to affect my mental growth.

I feel as if the only way to shake off these thoughts feelings and emotions is to leave and walk away from situations, people and feelings that “affect my growth!”

Am I wrong for this? Am I selfish or have I discovered the secrecy to inner piece, have I discovered what and how to cope in such a crazy world.

Have I found the way and path which helps me to avoid mental illness, depression and everything else? Have I discovered the antidote?

I have not written in ages! Blogging was another escape for me and so I decided to write! Here I am!

Write my questions away! Write my worries away, write my future, my rights and clear my mind!

Everyone is different, everyone has a story to tell! Everyone is on their own personal journey. Just because someone may not speak, think talk, rationalise, are negative, are positive this does not mean that they should see your point of view, do as you do!

I chose to be me unapologetically me! Take me or leave me!

Natural Love Uk 💕