5G super fast speeds but is it worth the many risks?

I know what you are thinking seeing this post today! “Here we go again another foolish post… next!!

But please stop and take the time to read and inform yourself about the potential risks of 5g and our technology progression in general.

I came across this article today and it has honestly scared the crap out of me!

What are we doing to ourselves and our world for the sake of technology!

What should make a faster more easier way of living is in fact making our lives more difficult and at some really sickening costs!

5g is thought to be bad for our health and these levels of technology are in fact raising death πŸ’€ toll.

Radiation will be at an all time high to enable us to live a super fast life but in fact you may just be getting a fast short lived life due to the health risks.

Please read and share the article by Gaia it is extremely informative and definitely worth taking a few minutes to read.

GAIA: 5G Health Risks; The War Between Technology And Human Beings

I am still here

Hi all,

As I said in my previous post I now also use wordpress for blogging writing as well as Vlogs.
The info can be found below but I will still be using both sites.
I am still trying to shed pounds I still use Dukan elements and I am still a Natural.

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