Dukan diet cruise phase day 6

Weight: 183.2lbs

Breakfast: Two eggs and two chicken sausages
Lunch: eggs beef sausages, oatbran pancake
Dinner: Oatbran porridge , tuna and cottage cheese mix
Snack: Total 0% greek yogurt

I made lovey tuna mix and ate it with my oatbran savory pancake

This can be eaten on its own or with Dukan bread, pancakes or salad.


Tin tuna
cottage cheese
spring onion
natural fat free greek yogurt
chilli (optional)

Mix these together to your liking.

Today p&p breakfast (cruise phase day 5)

This morning I just had to share my breakfast from my iphone….
Good start today galette pancakes with a twist.

1 and a half Table spoon of non fat fromage frais.
1 and a half spoonfuls of oat bran.
1 egg
1 tablespoon of low fat cheddar
Pinch of herbs
Pinch of salt and black pepper
Mix fry on each side for 1 and a half mins

Yum I had mine with a cheese omelette on a protein only day but with cooked tomato and mushrooms or sausages even better…

Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)

Dukan update day 4 (Cruise Phase)


Weight 184lbs/83.4

P+P days and  P+V
(protein days and protein and veg days)

Hi all,

So yes I reached cruz phase but as I entered this stage I realized that I had hit a brick wall.

As the diet and book would suggest the 1st week of cruz phase can lead to no weight shift or a slight weight gain.

Well I did not gain but I have not lost anything in 4 days and I am real ticked off about it ;0(

Well patience I guess hang in there but as we took the children out shopping we ended up grabbing a take away due to time..
I was being so good until I smelled the chips with vinegar I thought one will not hurt.
OK one more oh dear I ate a saucer full and felt so guilty.

I woke and weighed phew I was at my same weight did not lose but did not gain.

I have now decided rather than doing p+p and p+v days 1 on 1 as I had started doing.

I will do the 5 days P+P days and  P+V 5 days this should get me better results and I prefer it as I start that today and in away it is like a attack week now which should clear off my naughty eating of the week. I will finish the next few days as a p&v day as I bought a few veggies then from Tuesday p&p starts for 5 days..

Also how will I avoided naughty eating when out and hungry this is so hard before I carried fruit but now??
I may have no choice but to buy some protein bars.

Oh I also bought a Lateral thigh trainer for those moments in front of the TV much better than my stepper was love it.