Organic Mind Sessions ~ Trying to live a more positive life! Motivation & Inspiration!

Organic Mind Sessions are back! Doing what I love to do motivate, inspire and try to uplift! Someone out there needs to here this!

Clear the clutter in your life

I constantly have things that needs doing at home. Laundry is constant headache with four children if I am not doing that I am cooking and cleaning. Errands to run take boys to school, shopping etc. I spend time with the boys tend to their needs. Now what I find is when the housework isContinue reading “Clear the clutter in your life”


Love yourself!

This strikes a cord with me! No one should test someone’s love so much that it becomes an endurance test. I think when you finally love yourself and understand your place and worth on this earth everything becomes clear! Love should not be determined by how much someone is willing to tolerate from someone butContinue reading “Love yourself!”

Iceland’s banned advert! The truth about the impact of deforestation!

Image Credit: Iceland It’s that time of year again when we all get excited for the Christmas Adverts. We even decide which one we think was the best! Which one created the best nostalgia. Well one Christmas advert did not make the cut this year but for all the wrong reasons. Why was Iceland’s advertContinue reading “Iceland’s banned advert! The truth about the impact of deforestation!”

What is motherhood?

How lovely and how true! Children remember the time and the adventures spent together. Okay I can admit what child does not appreciate the material gestures. What child does not enjoy a few healthy meals here and there or would not live a new car! A clean home? well some children appreciate while others, wellContinue reading “What is motherhood?”

Life changes! No regrets no surrender!

Making life changes need not be scary! It should be a positive move in your life! Congratulations on taking steps to change and empower yourself! Taking charge of your life is the most courageous thing you could do. We must be excited and hungry for change! We should always be wanting to change the game!Continue reading “Life changes! No regrets no surrender!”

Healthy body! Unhealthy mind!

Oh my isn’t this the truth! So many people are focusing on working out or eating right in order to gain or maintain a healthy body. But how many people are focusing of trying to build or maintain a healthy mind! I can tell you from experience you can hit the gym or work out!Continue reading “Healthy body! Unhealthy mind!”

Week 2 of my 90 days success challange

19/11/16 Okay let me be honest! I have not been doing as well as I would have liked this week I have been a little under the weather and had a private personal matter to attend to all week. But this is what challenges are all about life has a way of throwing curve ballsContinue reading “Week 2 of my 90 days success challange”

90 Day Success challenge! Organising my life

 Day 1 On Tuesday the 8th of November I started the 90 day success challenge inspired by YouTuber Analaigh. My reasons for starting was that I need some serious motivation to get a million jobs done. The idea is that this challenge will help me to get things done at home, business, Uni and I would likeContinue reading “90 Day Success challenge! Organising my life”