Clear the clutter in your life

I constantly have things that needs doing at home.

Laundry is constant headache with four children if I am not doing that I am cooking and cleaning.

Errands to run take boys to school, shopping etc. I spend time with the boys tend to their needs.

Now what I find is when the housework is piling up on me or not getting done quickly enough I get frustrated de motivated and just fed up. It affects my mood I feel under pressure to get things done, I won’t lie I have even waved the white flag and given up!

Once I get my housework done, once I run all my errands I start to feel as though I can breath, I start feeling as though I have accomplished something.

I instantly want to sit down with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a nice slice of cake. Or soak on a bath, have a bit of a pamper session.

I then feel as though I can take on the world.

My creative juices start to flow, I often will catch up on a show I like or read, make some calls or reply to that text I got a week ago. I might shoot a video or find some sort of me time.

Now let’s apply this to life and the clutter of emotions, the cluttered soul, the events of our life, negativity, toxic people, toxic things we allow into our minds and into our lives. The toxic foods we consume, the misinformation we read or hear and often share. The things we see or watch which is not feeding our minds, not adding value to our lives.

How can we expect to be productive, how can we expect to grow or evolve positively if we are living a cluttered life. Allowing the clutter of life to burden our minds, our body and our souls?

I am really focused right now on allowing positive energy in and I refuse to allow negative energy in.

I am sorry but there is no place for negativity here.

The same way that we work through our daily routine of keeping house, we must keep house within.

It is important to remember that you are as important as the daily tasks we take the time, pride in to carry out in our busy lives and treat every part of self development as a daily task!

Taking time to de clutter ourselves is important! You are important! Life is too short to forget to take time because time is not going to slow down or stop for us. Time wasted is a waste of life.

Natural Love 💕

Love yourself!

This strikes a cord with me!

No one should test someone’s love so much that it becomes an endurance test.

I think when you finally love yourself and understand your place and worth on this earth everything becomes clear!

Love should not be determined by how much someone is willing to tolerate from someone but it should be a healthy balance, a healthy relationship. What you give you should be getting back.

Never take shit from someone you are worth so much more!

If a relationship is draining You then think if it is worth it? Love can also be walking away!

Preserving your sanity your morals understanding your self worth but also helping that person understand what they are doing or the way they are treating you or the way they think love/ a relationship should be is not how you feel it should be!

Love yourself first


Iceland’s banned advert! The truth about the impact of deforestation!

Image Credit: Iceland

It’s that time of year again when we all get excited for the Christmas Adverts. We even decide which one we think was the best! Which one created the best nostalgia.

Well one Christmas advert did not make the cut this year but for all the wrong reasons.

Why was Iceland’s advert pulled? Banned even?

Deemed as too controversial because Iceland was going against the grain of releasing a product fuelled Christmas advert, instead trying to campaign and spread awareness at a time of year which would make consumers think.

The advert was not cleared to be shown on TV, Iceland made a bold decision to release it on social media platforms to raise awareness of the important issue of tropical deforestation.

Did you know that the equivalent of 300 football fields of rainforest is destroyed every hour to make way for palm oil plantations (Huffington Post).

It is estimated that a Hundred years ago at least 230,000 Orangutans lived on earth! Today there are less than 50,000 left due to deforestation. Palm oil plays a massive part in destroying the rainforests and is one of the biggest secrets of the retail and manufacturing industry.

Indonesia’s rainforests are a biodiversity hotspot, which is rich in endemic species, it is also vital in regulating the Earth’s climate.

But these forests are being torn down for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations, which makes Indonesia the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter and threatening endangered species such as orangutans with extinction”. (Greenpeace website 2018)

Greenpeace is campaigning to protect Indonesia’s rainforests.

Not only Orangutans are affected other species, plants and habitats are also affected.

As a family we want to help in which ever way we can. So we will be cutting some things out! We will try not buy or support products which are contributing to this problem watch our video to hear more of our views on this upsetting topic.

You can now buy a cute Orangutan cuddly toy for £5 in Iceland stores to help support the rehabilitation of orphaned orangutans.

Watch the video here! Iceland

Image credit to

Village Connect

All image credit to the original owners they have been used to raise awareness for this important cause under the fair use act.

Watch our YouTube video here

What is motherhood?

How lovely and how true!

Children remember the time and the adventures spent together.

Okay I can admit what child does not appreciate the material gestures.

What child does not enjoy a few healthy meals here and there or would not live a new car!

A clean home? well some children appreciate while others, well I think with others we can see how important cleaning is when we look in their bedrooms .

Of course we want a clean home and for our children to eat healthy nutritious meals.

We want to educate them, we are invested in their learning.

We want them to have the best things or their every desires.

But I can tell you some of our greatest memories as a family are our trips, adventures quality time spent together.

It costs nothing to share time, love advice, explore go on adventures.

I call these precious moments building memories!

Focusing on building memories rather than a child’s collection of material possessions, or expensive holidays is far more beneficial and rewarding.

Do not get me wrong a holiday, clean home, smart children is important lessons and teachings for a child but do not forget the simple things such as giving your time because time can not be taken back. We do not know what tomorrow holds so live every day as if it were your last and stop, slow down and just chill with your children.

Listen to them more, allow them to see you slow down take a breath and see you more.

What is motherhood? Motherhood is love and a precious gift of life. It is a journey it is about building memories.

We are not in competition with each other so do not compare or compete with others build your own memories and enjoy your journey.

Remember to stay blessed and fabulous!

Life changes! No regrets no surrender!

Making life changes need not be scary! It should be a positive move in your life!

Congratulations on taking steps to change and empower yourself! Taking charge of your life is the most courageous thing you could do.

We must be excited and hungry for change! We should always be wanting to change the game! Accept un planned change as well embrace that the universe or god has a different plan for you what ever or who ever you believe in understand that that awful saying “everything happens for a reason!” Is in fact true.

But planned change is always easier to accept and be proud of!

Go make some life changes today x

Healthy body! Unhealthy mind!

Oh my isn’t this the truth!

So many people are focusing on working out or eating right in order to gain or maintain a healthy body.

But how many people are focusing of trying to build or maintain a healthy mind!

I can tell you from experience you can hit the gym or work out! You can eat well follow a healthy eating plan strive for a “healthy lifestyle” but non of this is worth half as much effort or time if you forget to work on a healthy heart a healthy mind and spirit.

Work on the inside meaning your body mind and soul! As well as the outside.

We must rid the body of all negative energy negative mindsets. Take the time to nourish your mind, feed your heart the right things and work out the things which are suppressing us.

So this is more than another meme or quote or thing to share it is in fact a reality!

I feel a video coming on!

Remember to stay blessed!

Remember to Stay fabulous!

Images are not mine but are used under the fair use act. I love these images as I think they sum up my blog post perfectly.

Week 2 of my 90 days success challange

90-day-challenge images-4


Okay let me be honest! I have not been doing as well as I would have liked this week I have been a little under the weather and had a private personal matter to attend to all week. But this is what challenges are all about life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and although this personal matter is a major set back which will be  taking up a little of my time each week for a while I will not let it throw me off track or get me down.

I can not solely blame my failings on this one of my MAJOR failing points has been no forward planning, I have not drawn up a plan of action, I have not noted the things, goals and tasks that needs doing. I have been working on a little bit of this and a little bit of that and while I can say that I am getting things done because I have not set clear targets things are not getting completed within a timely manner and I have jumped from one job to another which is so me but something I wish to change.

Having three young children including a 7 month old makes it a little tough at times but the last few nights I have been trying to get things done when they are in bed. I am now proud to say that I am getting some consistency with my course work and with my YouTube videos, writing and updating my blog. Sitting  studying, cleaning and de-cluttering and doing some repairs around the home.

So what I am going to do right now is set out some clear goals with some deadlines or priority and I will update and add to my list as I go along.

  1. Clear out spare room changed to clothing room = This month
  2. Made a start on de-cluttering my bedroom and will then prepare to finishes painting and add little touches =By mid Dec
  3. Make more time to study – Each week
  4. Work on my jewellery line and set weekly targets to create stock = Each Week
  5. Take time for me, pamper, photography, time to read explore and expand my mind and share my findings and experiences = Each week
  6. Blog more 2-4 times a week times a week
  7. Clear and de-clutter each room in my home before Xmas
  8. Find some exciting things to do with the children after School = Each week
  9. create one new meal from my many cook books gathering dust on the shelves and share them with you. = Each Week
  10. Explore some interesting facts and pieces of history = Each week
  11. Work on some new ideas for my YouTube channel and really set aside a schedule that I can stick to whilst introducing some new concepts. = Each week
  12. Paint home =Jan
  13. By more Xmas presents = Now till Xmas
  14. Sort babies passport = Done
  15. Book our holiday = Feb 2017
  16. Start adding to my gaming channel =Dec
  17. Three words D.I.Y I am a mum on a mission with my screw driver and tools, I have many repairs to carry out and this really has no deadline because the amount of work will carry me into late next year but making a start and planing and getting stuck in has made me so proud. You should have seen me and baby in B&Q this week I was lost but once I got my hinges, screws, expanding foam, sealant etc I felt like a BOSS!!
  18. Phone friends and family more a while back I cut down on my Facebook usage aside from my business and YouTube I rarely log in as much as I used to and now only log in maybe twice a week. So next steps is to really get talking more. Watch my Facebook detox here

Looking at my list I do not know if I will be able to get it all done within the time frames but it feels so refreshing to actually take the time to think and set some goals. If I can not get it all done I may just set another challenge and keep pushing myself to better myself, home and our lives.

The main thing is that I have finally taken these things seriously. I have set daily weekly and monthly goals and the weekly ones will keep me striving for a better me. I will update you on my progress soon.

Keep an eye out for this weeks update video

90 Day Success challenge! Organising my life

90-day-challenge Day 1

On Tuesday the 8th of November I started the 90 day success challenge inspired by YouTuber Analaigh.

My reasons for starting was that I need some serious motivation to get a million jobs done. The idea is that this challenge will help me to get things done at home, business, Uni and I would like to do more on a social and family level. I also want to be working out a bit more and really drop some pounds. I will be updating my blog and uploading some videos each week with updates and sharing some inspiration with you. Be sure to follow me here and on YouTube for regular updates. I love the idea of this challenge and sharing it with you all because the added support and followers motivate me to succeed.