5G super fast speeds but is it worth the many risks?

I know what you are thinking seeing this post today! “Here we go again another foolish post… next!! But please stop and take the time to read and inform yourself about the potential risks of 5g and our technology progression in general. I came across this article today and it has honestly scared the crapContinue reading “5G super fast speeds but is it worth the many risks?”


Stefflon Don finally releases her new 16-track project “Secure” & I am here for it!!

Yassss finally the album reach!! Stefflon Don has been my girl for some time now with her versatile style. Her lyrical content has been fire 🔥 flawless from song to song and even when heard free-styling! If an artist can mash up a freestyle then for me they have secured their place as a realContinue reading “Stefflon Don finally releases her new 16-track project “Secure” & I am here for it!!”

Treanding today! J Cole – False Prophets [Be Like This] My thoughts

Today I have the biggest smile on my face after hearing J Cole’s two songs released today! He has been trending on twitter and is currently trending at #2 on YouTube I love the fact that J Cole is not afraid to speak his mind regarding current issues and life in general. I am lovingContinue reading “Treanding today! J Cole – False Prophets [Be Like This] My thoughts”

I am back at blogging and vlogging!

Hello I am back! I have so much to update you on. I recently had a baby he is now 11 weeks today and he is super cute and such a happy babba. So I am back on my weight loss journey sharing ways to lose weight while breast feeding and sharing my life withContinue reading “I am back at blogging and vlogging!”

The upcoming Miss African Spirit beauty pageant

I was recently told about an exciting pageant competition for Miss African Spirit. This competition sounds so interesting I just had to share. “The goal of the Miss African Spirit Pageant is to instill a sense of pride and confidence in young women of African heritage by promoting the culture and identity within the wider community and providing a positive image withContinue reading “The upcoming Miss African Spirit beauty pageant”