5G super fast speeds but is it worth the many risks?

I know what you are thinking seeing this post today! “Here we go again another foolish post… next!!

But please stop and take the time to read and inform yourself about the potential risks of 5g and our technology progression in general.

I came across this article today and it has honestly scared the crap out of me!

What are we doing to ourselves and our world for the sake of technology!

What should make a faster more easier way of living is in fact making our lives more difficult and at some really sickening costs!

5g is thought to be bad for our health and these levels of technology are in fact raising death šŸ’€ toll.

Radiation will be at an all time high to enable us to live a super fast life but in fact you may just be getting a fast short lived life due to the health risks.

Please read and share the article by Gaia it is extremely informative and definitely worth taking a few minutes to read.

GAIA: 5G Health Risks; The War Between Technology And Human Beings

Stefflon Don finally releases her new 16-track project “Secureā€ & I am here for it!!

Yassss finally the album reach!!

Stefflon Don has been my girl for some time now with her versatile style.

Her lyrical content has been fire šŸ”„ flawless from song to song and even when heard free-styling! If an artist can mash up a freestyle then for me they have secured their place as a real rap artist! Stefflon Don can do it all rap, sing and she keeps her Jamaican influence on point.

She is stunning which helps any way back to this album Secure!

There are many tracks on this album. Firstly the intro goes in hard “Lil Bitch” has no mercy and the video is not ramping!

“Pretty Girl” is so playful taking it back to the old ragga days the vibe the sound is just fabulous. Again video was quality, playful and creative.

“Senseless” is one of my favourite tracks and she looks amazing in this video shot in Jamaica šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡² yass!!

“Jellio” basically “real!!” is the only way to describe this one right here.

“What you want” featuring Future. Well this is just another fire collaboration I love this one because it shows how well she works with different artists, vibes and sounds.

I would be here all day if I went into details on every track or how much I love her!

Stefflon Don is an artist that is fire on her own tracks with no collaboration. But she is fire with others. She is talented, stunning and she has flows for days!

Also can we take a moment to appreciate the album cover paying homage to Lil Kim! Respect for that.

What do you think about the album?

This is my album of the month if you have not already guessed!

instagram freestyle click the image to view! She is on fire šŸ”„

Check out the album on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/5asFxV5BYQsPkI1IaIOGAU?si=f5DSHdhdS2uFykqsbx-FfQ

Treanding today! J Cole – False Prophets [Be Like This] My thoughts

Today I have the biggest smile on my face after hearing J Cole’s two songs released today!

He has been trending on twitter and is currently trending at #2 on YouTube

I love the fact that J Cole is not afraid to speak his mind regarding current issues and life in general. I am loving False Prophets and I think he has totally hit the nail on the head. Today there are far too many rappers that are here spreading the wrong message and so many talent-less artists it is shocking. J Cole has such a hard hitting way of rapping which spreads truth, positivity and tells a story and he puts out some real bangers oh and he is real easy on the eyes too! Love Love love these tracks and I eagerly wait to hear the new album.

I am back at blogging and vlogging!

Hello I am back! I have so much to update you on. I recently had a baby he is now 11 weeks today and he is super cute and such a happy babba. So I am back on my weight loss journey sharing ways to lose weight while breast feeding and sharing my life with you all. I have loads to share with you.

This week I started uploading videos and I am looking to growing my Channel and blog.

I am still juicing and I am still sharing natural hair tips and ideas.

Something which is new to my channel is my family vlogs my boys are now joining in the fun which is great.

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Man I missed this!

I am back

I miss blogging and vlogging but I have not been able to get anything together.
As I said on my last video I have been really busy with my kiddies, studying and the re launch of Cherie d’amour
That is all going well I have an update video on my weight loss journey and my natural hair journey coming up this week.
I also have a give away from the store so if you go to the above link and like my Facebook page and subscribe on you tube you will hear the details and I hope you enter.
Updates coming very soon have a lovely week.

The upcoming Miss African Spirit beauty pageant

I was recently told about an excitingĀ pageantĀ competitionĀ for Miss African Spirit.

ThisĀ competitionĀ sounds soĀ interestingĀ I just had to share.

ā€œThe goal of the Miss African Spirit Pageant is to instill a sense of pride and confidence in young women of African heritage by promoting the culture and identity within the wider community and providing a positive image with which to identifyā€

I think thisĀ PageantĀ sounds like a great event andĀ beamingĀ with culture, I was told by the eventĀ organizerĀ that there is no swimwear section to this event and with this in mind I am sure that it is a tastefulĀ pageantĀ promotingĀ awarenessĀ as well as raising money for charity.

MissĀ AfricanĀ spirit is taking entrants of African heritage or birth.
The pageant is not your typical pageant as it focuses on empowering woman hopping to promote future leaders of tomorrow.
Miss African spirit is an event beaming with pride and culture.
Looking at Miss African Spirit Pageantā€™s pictures from last years event the event was full of beautiful woman, African dress, fabrics, style and colour.
I love the concept of this pageant and I look forward to seeing each section of the event and I will be updating you all on the winner of theĀ pageantĀ after the event, with some pictures of the day.
If you are interested in entering theĀ PageantĀ or if you would like tickets for the event please click on the link below.
I have also uploaded a new YouTube video about this event which can be found in the post above this blog entry.

Please click here for MissĀ AfricanĀ Spirit’s website