Natural Love Store has officially launched!!

I am so excited and proud to tell you that the website has officially launched! Natural Love is a place where you can buy products that adds culture to your life. It is a place to enhance your natural beauty! Have a look and be sure to follow me to enter this weeks giveaway! ShopContinue reading “Natural Love Store has officially launched!!”


The Store Launches Wednesday the 29th 2020

I am so excited to share the new online store with you. We are launching a day earlier, we are now launching the new website on Wednesday the 29th 2020. I have sourced some beautiful products and made some beautiful jewellery and accessories. Launch week will see some giveaways so watch this space. The websiteContinue reading “The Store Launches Wednesday the 29th 2020”

Carved and Painted Accesories by Amandine Gaudin

I came across this image today and I had to locate the designer. These beautifully crafted accessories are Carved and Painted by Amandine Gaudin. You know not only do I love hand made jewellery and accessories or any thing handmade really that I also love natural, ethnic cultured items. I also make jewellery and I am so inspired by these items because they areContinue reading “Carved and Painted Accesories by Amandine Gaudin”