Fridge for your skin care! Say what??

Well this is so new to me! I checked my Twitter today and this is what is trending today! People are using mini fridges to store their skin care! At first I thought why? Just why?

Then I felt mind blown 🀯 I can almost feel my cold refreshing hydrating skin care products on my face already! What a great idea. There are actually skin care fridges on sale too, like fridges just for your skincare products, cute little fridges. I can imagine mine will contain snacks too 🀣…

What do you think? Have you got one? Would you buy one?

Well I have done my research and these things are priced between Β£50 -Β£160 but I found one priced at Β£16 on Amazon use my link to get you one.

Images of skincare fridges above are from twitter accounts:


Shae :