So today is the day that my children were meant to return to school but now with this new strain that has apparently hit the UK it is back to home learning. Miss Mummy it is then! We are in a Tier 4 location in London and now there is talk of a full NationalContinue reading “Focus!!”


Intermittent Fasting ~ Losing my baby weight ~ Follow my journey

Here we go again! This time last year I was intermittent fasting and I lost 2 stone doing this in just a few weeks my results were amazing, I felt amazing and friends and family members asked me for advice. I recently had a baby in March and I am ready to snap back toContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting ~ Losing my baby weight ~ Follow my journey”

I want to be an Entrepreneur

My mind is constantly thinking of a way to work hard and be happy. I often stay up late and go to bed late with ideas running through my head and wake thinking of how to get that thought into something that works. I have always been creative, hands on and I have always known that IContinue reading “I want to be an Entrepreneur”

Welcome to my Blog

Hello My name is Cheriese and I am from London UK. I am a Mummy, wife,  keen photographer, jewellery designer and business solutions consultant. I am currently Blogging my journey to weight loss and my journey from relaxed hair to natural hair. I will also be blogging my product reviews, beauty, accessories, crafts, finds, recipiesContinue reading “Welcome to my Blog”