Crowdfunding the shocking truth

I have been at this now for a few days and what I thought would be easy with the backing of friends and family has proved to be a different experience than I would have ever dreamed. I have shared my crowdfunding so many times and had little to no response from friends and family which is a bitter pill to swallow .

I will get my 50% funding because I did not start this to fail. A lovely lady from Crowdfunding gave me tips and advice and lifted my spirits when I told her how I was feeling and the lack of support or acknowledgement from people I know. She told me she had gone through the same thing when she tried to launch her business and not to be disheartened.

This has kicked me into full gear and I have got back out there sharing and bugging everyone.

So if you have received or seen me sharing please understand that in order to be a success you can’t sit on your hands, I can not wait for a miracle I have to rise up and hustle hard!

So if you have a moment and you can share, pledge or comment it would mean a lot to me.

This is such a big opportunity to have support from NatWest would be amazing.

Friends, family, readers, followers and subscribers .

Please visit my link even clicking helps bring me the traffic I need.

Thank you

Thank you it means a lot I get £500 from NatWest if I reach half of my target so I have to try and push it . 2020 I need to get my business off the ground. I really appreciate you looking , pledging or even sharing. Thank you 😊

Facial Friday ~ Simple Eye Hydrogel Mask, Tash Waxing & #6 Night Cream – Crowdfunding the ugly truth

I am a YouTuber every Friday I do my Facial Fridays and this week I address the stigma surrounding crowdfunding. I also go in depth about my project. I am trying very hard to get to my target if you like my idea it would be so nice if you could back or share my project. Thank you Watch the video here

Back her business by NatWest Bank

The world needs more female business owners and NatWest have joined forces with crowdfunder to help more woman start up their businesses turn dreams into a reality.

What is Back Her Business?

We want to support more women to start businesses, so we’ve teamed up with NatWest, Royal Bank and Ulster Bank to help you get started.

Together we’ll help you raise money for your business through crowdfunding, and we’ll also provide free coaching, mentoring and opportunities to meet like-minded women.

What’s more NatWest, Royal Bank and Ulster Bank will also be offering up to 50% of your fundraising target (max. £5,000) in grant funding for certain successful projects. You can read more about how this works in their eligibility criteria (NatWest).

I have decided that there is no Better time than now to start my new business with the help of crowdfunder and NatWest bank if you have a moment please look at my page and also the great work that NatWest and crowdfunder are doing for women and new business ventures.

Natural Love jewellery

NatWest on crowdfund

Natural Love Jewellery ~ NatWest Crowdfunding Campaign #backherbusiness

Hello my beautiful people, I started a crowdfunding after being offered match backing of 50% from NatWest. It would mean a lot if you would take a look. If you could pledge even £1 it will help me get noticed. It is fine if you can not. But please share if you can,, it can’t hurt for me to try. Thank you x Natural Love, live a positive and healthy life


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