Watch me shrink!

So my new weight Loss journey has begun today! Of course it’s my heathy lifestyle but this is focused on my weight cause I eat well and I am still over weight! So I will level this up a bit. So you I will be blogging more and sharing my foods, juices and smoothies. OhContinue reading “Watch me shrink!”


Some of my clean eats this month.

I wanted to share some of my clean eats so far this month! Follow me on Instragram for more on what I have been eating to get fit and healthy.       via WordPress for Phone                         please visit my Instragram forContinue reading “Some of my clean eats this month.”

I am still here find out what I have been up to!

I know that it has been ages since my last post and for that I am very sorry. Life has been very face paced lately and I now have found that balance or at least I hope ;0) and right now it is time to get back to what I love which is blogging andContinue reading “I am still here find out what I have been up to!”

Dukan Update what is on my plate

Dukan Update So I am feeling really proud of myself today I had a great start by having a sausage and a pouched egg for my breakfast, I had a boiled egg for lunch I have not been feeling very hungry today. For dinner I had chicken and veg and some low fat Greek yogurt later today. It is so much easier to followContinue reading “Dukan Update what is on my plate”