Red Kaolin Clay for hair and face Giveaway! Competition! Freebie!

Red Kaolin Clay Benefits & Uses What distinguishes the Red Kaolin from the other Kaolin Clays is its stronger drawing power or ability. This power makes it ideal for acne-prone and oily skin types. It makes a handy add-on to acne masks or detoxifying body wraps. This clay is rich in iron oxide and copperContinue reading “Red Kaolin Clay for hair and face Giveaway! Competition! Freebie!”


New competition/Giveaway

Hi I am finally almost back at 500 subscribers after my experience with the dreaded YouTube subscriber purge! Basically an awful blip happened resulting in many YouTubers losing subscribers. Well to mark 500 I will be giving away a pair of earrings from my Etsy store. Please watch the video below, rate and subscribe andContinue reading “New competition/Giveaway”