Healthy body! Unhealthy mind!

Oh my isn’t this the truth!

So many people are focusing on working out or eating right in order to gain or maintain a healthy body.

But how many people are focusing of trying to build or maintain a healthy mind!

I can tell you from experience you can hit the gym or work out! You can eat well follow a healthy eating plan strive for a “healthy lifestyle” but non of this is worth half as much effort or time if you forget to work on a healthy heart a healthy mind and spirit.

Work on the inside meaning your body mind and soul! As well as the outside.

We must rid the body of all negative energy negative mindsets. Take the time to nourish your mind, feed your heart the right things and work out the things which are suppressing us.

So this is more than another meme or quote or thing to share it is in fact a reality!

I feel a video coming on!

Remember to stay blessed!

Remember to Stay fabulous!

Images are not mine but are used under the fair use act. I love these images as I think they sum up my blog post perfectly.

My homemade Bean burger and buns recipe

My homemade Bean burger and buns recipe.




I made an amazing bean burger a few weeks ago I had to share it as it proved very popular with friends and family asking for the recipe.

I got inspiration from this video YouTube but I also added grated carrots NO egg, mushroom finely chopped, sweetcorn, sweet peppers, onions, spring onions I used 2 tins of kidney beans also and I used oats flour, One bread for breadcrumbs for good measure and oatbran to bind and a little oatbran to coat I cooked mine on the George foreman grill with olive oil. I used season all, salt, chilli powder, cumin and chilli flakes, 2 garlic cloves, black pepper and a little soy. I improvised as I went along to my taste.

Buns came from this recipie I added two cups of flour to start then my wet ingredients then I added the rest of flour gradually and I used the dough hook cause I ain’t got time for kneading. lol….Burger topped with Cheddar, mayo ketchup, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. and a side of homemade colslaw…… xxx