Club House is a game changer

I finally got onto the Club House app after a long wait! It is so funny I wrote down some manifestation affirmations in my journal the night before. With a clear focus on my business and financial success.

Early in the morning I was accepted onto the app and had no idea that it had so much business help. I found my self tuned in learning from so many successful business owner’s and people looking for advice and guidance. I was in this one group from 10 in the morning right through to 8pm and I learned so much. It literally helped me with all the mental blocks I was facing all the doubts and confusion.

I went to bed knowing exactly what I needed to do and woke up and jumped right on it. I opened my Trello app and started planning, I also wrote down things I needed to and then prioritised. I have been so much more productive today and stopped procrastinating. One thing is my videos will be changing I want to help others spiritually, mentally and share my business knowledge and so much more. I want to continue to gain knowledge and information and experiences.

As for my store I will be re tuning and marketing better.

I am so grateful to this group and all the other groups that I sat in. I will be speaking soon and I may even set up a room as yesterday I wanted to just absorb. I know that the app is in beta mode now and only available to some iPhone users but soon it will be for everyone. When this moment comes definitely jump on . I initially thought it was just a place to talk and meet others but it is everything and there is something for everyone. You can listen or you can share. Business, relationship advice, comedy, networking, crafts, hobbies so much to do and listen to.

Home Schooling is going great! We can do this!

Good morning home schooling is going great today! We are more organised and the coffee is flowing! So is the Love 💕

Listen it may be difficult juggling, schooling, parenting, Work, housework and so much more but the main thing is making sure that our children are relaxed, protected from the programming that is being shoved around, children need to be free mentally! They need reassurance and understanding!

Do not stress if somethings are not done in a day in regards to schooling and keeping house. Because us parents and care givers are also going through it we need to keep everything and everyone together and often barely keep ourselves together.

Take time out to have that coffee, step into the garden, pick up that book, watch that episode you wanted to, pick up the phone to someone or leave that voice note.

Writing and making videos have become my outlet so be sure to find or put time into yours

One of the biggest positives of this whole situation is watching my children grow, having more of these moments together, spending quality time also watching and witnessing their actual learning take place. Understanding their strengths and what they need more guidance and support with. This has been priceless and we are building memories!

I will start blogging about our home learning journey because I think it is important for us to help and support each other so I will also share resources. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant, Individual Support Assistant and with SEN so if I can offer any advice, tips or support I will try.

Anyway here is my baby doing his maths after his online class. Subject was smallest to largest and he loved it. We take time to make it fun and not seem like learning. Zayden loves practical tasks.

Surround yourself with positive people

Today has been such a productive day I have started my year off with the right mindset, focus and energy and the support of a beautiful woman @lifestyleswithwen this woman has really encouraged and inspired me and we bounce off each other’s energy. You need to make sure that you vibe, connect, network and share with like minded people there is a saying that you need to surround yourself with positive and focused people that shit is contagious 💕 check her out and follow xx

Clear the clutter in your life

I constantly have things that needs doing at home.

Laundry is constant headache with four children if I am not doing that I am cooking and cleaning.

Errands to run take boys to school, shopping etc. I spend time with the boys tend to their needs.

Now what I find is when the housework is piling up on me or not getting done quickly enough I get frustrated de motivated and just fed up. It affects my mood I feel under pressure to get things done, I won’t lie I have even waved the white flag and given up!

Once I get my housework done, once I run all my errands I start to feel as though I can breath, I start feeling as though I have accomplished something.

I instantly want to sit down with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a nice slice of cake. Or soak on a bath, have a bit of a pamper session.

I then feel as though I can take on the world.

My creative juices start to flow, I often will catch up on a show I like or read, make some calls or reply to that text I got a week ago. I might shoot a video or find some sort of me time.

Now let’s apply this to life and the clutter of emotions, the cluttered soul, the events of our life, negativity, toxic people, toxic things we allow into our minds and into our lives. The toxic foods we consume, the misinformation we read or hear and often share. The things we see or watch which is not feeding our minds, not adding value to our lives.

How can we expect to be productive, how can we expect to grow or evolve positively if we are living a cluttered life. Allowing the clutter of life to burden our minds, our body and our souls?

I am really focused right now on allowing positive energy in and I refuse to allow negative energy in.

I am sorry but there is no place for negativity here.

The same way that we work through our daily routine of keeping house, we must keep house within.

It is important to remember that you are as important as the daily tasks we take the time, pride in to carry out in our busy lives and treat every part of self development as a daily task!

Taking time to de clutter ourselves is important! You are important! Life is too short to forget to take time because time is not going to slow down or stop for us. Time wasted is a waste of life.

Natural Love 💕

Know your self worth

The glow up is real! When you know your self worth no one can take your shine away from you!

It is not about how others see you, it is all about how you see yourself! It is not about confirming to societies perception of happiness or walking in the matrix! It is about breaking the mild and understanding there is only one you!

There is only one chance to shine and make an impact on this world 🌍 so do you and walk with your chest held high!

Walk with that glow, that smile and spread positivity, and glitter everywhere!!!

Love yourself!

This strikes a cord with me!

No one should test someone’s love so much that it becomes an endurance test.

I think when you finally love yourself and understand your place and worth on this earth everything becomes clear!

Love should not be determined by how much someone is willing to tolerate from someone but it should be a healthy balance, a healthy relationship. What you give you should be getting back.

Never take shit from someone you are worth so much more!

If a relationship is draining You then think if it is worth it? Love can also be walking away!

Preserving your sanity your morals understanding your self worth but also helping that person understand what they are doing or the way they are treating you or the way they think love/ a relationship should be is not how you feel it should be!

Love yourself first