Natural Love Store has officially launched!!

I am so excited and proud to tell you that the website has officially launched!

Natural Love is a place where you can buy products that adds culture to your life. It is a place to enhance your natural beauty!

Have a look and be sure to follow me to enter this weeks giveaway!

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The end is in sight #natwestbackherbusiness

It may sound crazy but I found it hard to sleep last night knowing that after my final date extension my NatWest back her business campaign was on it’s last day. I woke this morning to be greated by this message from NatWest Crowdfunder:

Today is the day to give it everything you’ve got. Ramp up the volume to 110% and make sure that everyone knows this is the last chance to get involved and support your idea. 

It’s time to pull out all the stops and get your project over the line. We’re all cheering for you.

NatWest has offered me £500 if I can get £500 backing. By sharing my project and gaining support from backers. This opportunity is better than trying to get a business loan and would help me to successfully setup and run my business with no over heads.

This has not been easy but when I step back and look at how far I have come I am proud of myself and forever thankful to those that have backed my project, reached out to me in some way and shared.

The response that I thought that I would get was not what I had expected but with a little push from well wishers and NatWest I have kept going because I refuse to fail.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am strong and I am a go getter by any means.

This in my opinion is what is needed to run a successful business.

I have updated my project page to explain my project clearly and my aim.

So the next 24 hours is my last chance to get your backing please take the time to click on my NatWest link and if you can back me by pledging or making an order for a reward it would truly mean a lot.

You can pledge from £1, you can pledge anything this helps my project to get recognition by others. Or share for me please.

Thank you

Cheriese x

Natural Love Jewellery ~ NatWest Crowdfunding Campaign #backherbusiness

Hello my beautiful people, I started a crowdfunding after being offered match backing of 50% from NatWest. It would mean a lot if you would take a look. If you could pledge even £1 it will help me get noticed. It is fine if you can not. But please share if you can,, it can’t hurt for me to try. Thank you x Natural Love, live a positive and healthy life


Crowdfunding page –

Carved and Painted Accesories by Amandine Gaudin


I came across this image today and I had to locate the designer. These beautifully crafted accessories are Carved and Painted by Amandine Gaudin.

You know not only do I love hand made jewellery and accessories or any thing handmade really that I also love natural, ethnic cultured items. I also make jewellery and I am so inspired by these items because they are just so original.

To see more by Amandine Gaudin items please visit their Facebook page page here 

I am back

I miss blogging and vlogging but I have not been able to get anything together.
As I said on my last video I have been really busy with my kiddies, studying and the re launch of Cherie d’amour
That is all going well I have an update video on my weight loss journey and my natural hair journey coming up this week.
I also have a give away from the store so if you go to the above link and like my Facebook page and subscribe on you tube you will hear the details and I hope you enter.
Updates coming very soon have a lovely week.