Life is ironic

Good morning beautiful people! It takes many events in our lives to really appreciate what we have! To be grateful, happy and content. Try to look for the sunshine in the clouds, the positives in what would seem to be a negative. Try to look for the good in the bad and most of all try to gain understanding of every Situation because what we go through in life is there to give us growth, knowledge and understanding πŸ’•

I started taking my manifestations seriously

I finally started to really put in the work when it comes to manifesting. I have manifested before but I never really researched or manifested on a serious level.

I started watching some videos reading and speaking to a friend about the process and I realise that there is so much things stopping me from actual manifesting and gaining what I desire.

Firstly I have never written my intentions , or wrote my gratitudes. I have not really taken the process seriously even when I receive things that I wanted mainly because I may have thought about something and it happened but I did not really put it down to manifesting as such.

Now I look back and realise that I have in fact manifested some amazing things in my life (I will at some point make a video about this!). I do listen to manifestation music, sounds and podcasts. I try to be positive and remain focused on a positive outcome to my situations. I try to be selfless and work so hard on things in my life. I walk around with my head held high and I fake it until I make it! I walk around like I am successful and rich in knowledge and money.

The key is to be positive ask, write down what you want, be thankful, work hard and the rest will follow. Doubt and negative thoughts and energy will have an affect. Also when things are going bad it is important to not dwell or focus on it as it can have a ripple affect. I am the worst for saying everything happens in three’s or seeing one magpie and getting upset if I do not see another. Superstitions.

Last night as I wrote out my intentions and what I want and what I know is mine I was so emotional I literally cried prayed and I had a conversation with the universe it really affected me in a way that was just mind blowing. I did not just ask I was thankful. I thought of all the things that I have been through before Covid and then what me and my family were still battling through in difficult times. I finished by thanking universe and meditated.

I will work for what I want and what I manifested will be mine! Watch this space!

Healthy body! Unhealthy mind!

Oh my isn’t this the truth!

So many people are focusing on working out or eating right in order to gain or maintain a healthy body.

But how many people are focusing of trying to build or maintain a healthy mind!

I can tell you from experience you can hit the gym or work out! You can eat well follow a healthy eating plan strive for a “healthy lifestyle” but non of this is worth half as much effort or time if you forget to work on a healthy heart a healthy mind and spirit.

Work on the inside meaning your body mind and soul! As well as the outside.

We must rid the body of all negative energy negative mindsets. Take the time to nourish your mind, feed your heart the right things and work out the things which are suppressing us.

So this is more than another meme or quote or thing to share it is in fact a reality!

I feel a video coming on!

Remember to stay blessed!

Remember to Stay fabulous!

Images are not mine but are used under the fair use act. I love these images as I think they sum up my blog post perfectly.