So today is the day that my children were meant to return to school but now with this new strain that has apparently hit the UK it is back to home learning. Miss Mummy it is then! We are in a Tier 4 location in London and now there is talk of a full NationalContinue reading “Focus!!”


Love yourself!

This strikes a cord with me! No one should test someone’s love so much that it becomes an endurance test. I think when you finally love yourself and understand your place and worth on this earth everything becomes clear! Love should not be determined by how much someone is willing to tolerate from someone butContinue reading “Love yourself!”

What is motherhood?

How lovely and how true! Children remember the time and the adventures spent together. Okay I can admit what child does not appreciate the material gestures. What child does not enjoy a few healthy meals here and there or would not live a new car! A clean home? well some children appreciate while others, wellContinue reading “What is motherhood?”

“You give a little love..”

“You give a little love..” — Read on I absolutely love this blog post! My friend has shared this today and I feel the need to share her story! Also be sure to follow her. We need to all take notes on the kindness that was flowing! This is the kind of worldContinue reading ““You give a little love..””