Natural Love Store has officially launched!!

I am so excited and proud to tell you that the website has officially launched! Natural Love is a place where you can buy products that adds culture to your life. It is a place to enhance your natural beauty! Have a look and be sure to follow me to enter this weeks giveaway! ShopContinue reading “Natural Love Store has officially launched!!”


The end is in sight #natwestbackherbusiness

It may sound crazy but I found it hard to sleep last night knowing that after my final date extension my NatWest back her business campaign was on it’s last day. I woke this morning to be greated by this message from NatWest Crowdfunder: Today is the day to give it everything you’ve got. RampContinue reading “The end is in sight #natwestbackherbusiness”

Why back my crowdfunding project? We need more business women!

NatWest Back Her Business: We want Back Her Business to be the UK’s most exciting and accessible business start-up programme for women EVER. We’re here to help you to turn your idea into a side-hustle and your side-hustle into your main-hustle. It’s time to close the gender gap in business, for good. Not only doContinue reading “Why back my crowdfunding project? We need more business women!”

Trying to get pledges for my new business venture. Who said crowdfunding was easy!

‪ Still trying to get my NatWest backing no one said crowdfunding was easy. But still worth a try thank you to those that have backed my crowdfunding project I appreciate it. There is still time and it would mean a lot! Thank you 😊 #backherbusiness #businessstartup #businesswoman #TheApprentice2019 #crowdfunding #Kickstarter ‬

Facial Friday ~ Simple Eye Hydrogel Mask, Tash Waxing & #6 Night Cream – Crowdfunding the ugly truth

I am a YouTuber every Friday I do my Facial Fridays and this week I address the stigma surrounding crowdfunding. I also go in depth about my project. I am trying very hard to get to my target if you like my idea it would be so nice if you could back or share myContinue reading “Facial Friday ~ Simple Eye Hydrogel Mask, Tash Waxing & #6 Night Cream – Crowdfunding the ugly truth”