The boys cook a healthy dinner! (children cooking) Vlog #19

It is so important to cook with your children not only are we instilling confidence in the kitchen when we do so we are teaching them life skills, responsibility we are teaching them the importance of nutrition from an early age. Cooking is also not just for girls and women, boys and men should know theirContinue reading “The boys cook a healthy dinner! (children cooking) Vlog #19”


We had a blast making these Nutri Blasts!!

I was craving desert so me and my lil man made a choc shake/smoothie. We called it Willy Wonka Chocolate Shake/smoothie. So much fun and yummy. Wait till the very end for a little laugh! Please rate and subscribe I will be blogging on Monday.  

Dukan friendly food ideas from this year part 1

Few dishes and recipes I use   1 can of Tuna in brine natural yogurt 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese teaspoon of mustard dried or fresh chili (optional)   Great ti eat with a salad, oat bran bread, galletes or as it is.   Enjoy     Dukan bread 8 table spoons of Oat branContinue reading “Dukan friendly food ideas from this year part 1”