Holding myself accountable! Tackling this lockdown weight!

So it has been a while, as I have been adjusting to returning to school runs, work navigating through this crazy world etc. also just juggling life in general. I am now back and I have another reason to get on here and write daily because I am on a weight loss journey, a healthyContinue reading “Holding myself accountable! Tackling this lockdown weight!”

Becoming a better version of myself!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for following, subscribing and supporting me. This year I will be more active on my website and Facebook. Keep an eye out on some motivational, positivity, productivity and manifestation posts. I will also be sharing some helpful business startup tips, advice and support. Self love, selfContinue reading “Becoming a better version of myself!”

Surround yourself with positive people

Today has been such a productive day I have started my year off with the right mindset, focus and energy and the support of a beautiful woman @lifestyleswithwen this woman has really encouraged and inspired me and we bounce off each other’s energy. You need to make sure that you vibe, connect, network and shareContinue reading “Surround yourself with positive people”

Unapologetically Me!

I have been on a long journey of self discovery after years of self destruction! I have allowed my past and present to affect my future I question myself, my journey and my beliefs. I spent many years looking and seeking approval, stability, love, compassion, validation, guidance. Understanding and acknowledgement. I have failed, failed atContinue reading “Unapologetically Me!”

Know your self worth

The glow up is real! When you know your self worth no one can take your shine away from you! It is not about how others see you, it is all about how you see yourself! It is not about confirming to societies perception of happiness or walking in the matrix! It is about breakingContinue reading “Know your self worth”